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I’m Lisa. I’m a new modern homesteader. I have 3/4 of a degree in Printmaking from three different art schools, have been a bicycle mechanic, an assembler of bronze composite statues, a concrete pourer, a nanny, worked on the assembly line in two different wire factories, a really terrible waitress, and assistant to an artisan lampmaker. Most recently (and extensively), I’ve concentrated my efforts on ranching and cowboy skills. I’ve calved out heifers and learned to shoe horses. Mostly, though, I’ve been starting colts and progressing young horses for a living and have been lucky enough to ride a whole lot of really exceptional horses while working in some beautiful places all over the country for some incredibly gifted, kind, and handy people that showed me a big ol’ world I didn’t previously know much about and am honored to be a part of.

View of the Snake River from my asparagus patch

My fiance and I recently purchased 20 acres on the Snake River in Idaho. I wake up every day and can’t believe it’s ours. I’m sure the real owners will be back soon and be mad I drank all their booze while I was housesitting.

I’ve always said that I can’t wait for the collapse of modern civilization so that I can stay home and concentrate on growing all our food. It occurred to me recently that I wouldn’t have to wait. I can work towards self reliance, and still check my Instagram! This blog will be a chronicle of that journey, hopefully documented in a way that is striking in its visual appeal, accessible and humorous in its tone, and helpful and inspiring in its scope.

It is also a way to share some of the eclectic skills and tastes I’ve developed. I sew avidly, and strive to make functional, practical, well-fitting clothes for men and women that stand up to a working life but aren’t embarrassing to be photographed in. I’ll also be continuing to make our house a home, and surely you won’t want to miss pictures of my decorating style, which I call “cowboy fur trapper goes to art school in Mexico”. I’m planning our wedding and DIYing a large part of the decorations, I do pen and ink drawings, and try to innovate ways to make our homestead run smoothly. I hunt, forage, tan my own furs, raise animals for meat, and try to document it all in an attractive way.

deckgarden2In the To Do Lists section, I post my plans for the place, usually with the sketch that is the beginning of my vision. I update the posts with photos of how it turns out and status reports as the project progresses. The Projects section lets you browse finished versions of my projects and are sorted by type.

I also try to make a brief summary of how I fill my days in What I Did Today illustrated by a drawing, a still life collage, or a picture from the day that sums it all up. It’s not like a diary, I promise.